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Service Includes

  1. Wipe and organize all exterior shelves - Cleaning of Cabinets, shelves from inside and outside. Cleaning below shelves and modular trolley, if detachable.
  2. Wipe and disinfect all electrical appliances- Microwave, Stove, Counter-Tops, Sinks and Refrigerator are cleaned from outside.
  3. Chimneys, exhaust fans will be degreased externally.
  4. Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, glass, wooden & steel surfaces.
  5. Deep cleaning of Kitchen platform, tiled walls and sink area.
  6. Floor Cleaning - Wet and Dry Mopping of floors.
  7. General Cleaning- Cobweb Removal, Dry Dusting of walls and ceilings, Cleaning of all light & fan.
  8. All Chemicals used are safe and biodegradable.

Service Time: 2-3 Hours
Number of Servicemen: 1-2 (Depends on kitchen size)


  1. Loft Cleaning is done, provided ladder by your end.
  2. Heavy fixtures and furniture would not be moved by our team.
  3. Refrigerator cleaning from inside is a separate add-on paid service.
  4. Customers are requested to remove contents from display cabinet and modular trolley for effective cleaning.
  5. Old and stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However we can’t guarantee 100% stain removal.
  6. Additional inside fridge cleaning -  200 Extra.

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